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Sometimes all of us need a boost to find our courage, especially when we’re weary or withdrawn.

And this applies in our relationships every much as it does in battles outside the home. In fact it can be even more of a challenge to bring courage into our personal life, when we’re hanging out in tee shirt and jeans rather than in uniform.

I really love the film of Henry V, with Kenneth Branagh inspiring his troops in the dawn light before the battle of Agincourt. The key for me, what draws me in, is the portrayal of the king’s own doubt and trepidation in the night before as he wanders in disguise through his dispirited and fearful men. He feels their fear, he understands the weight on their hearts – and as their leader he feels the weight of the whole army.

Then at the bottom of this well of hopelessness, he finds his own courage. And he draws on all the fibres of his being and starts to voice his great speech which gathers and unites his men – it stirs the hearts of all who hear it, as stirs mine. It is to me the picture of courage and leadership, as I’m sure Shakespeare intended.

I sometimes put on the DVD when I’m feeling low. It’s more than a mere escape into fantasy for me, as I enter into the drama and the rejuvenation of my spirit is absolutely real. And I can take that passion back out into my life.


It takes personal courage to claim a relationship and to really ‘show up’ in it, and face the difficult discussion you know in your heart is needed with your partner, rather than escape into games or the football on TV. I know how much easier it is for me, for all of us, to hide from this communicating.

It takes a lot of courage to be real with a woman, to open up and communicate honestly what is going on for you. Especially if this isn’t something which happened in your own family when you were growing up, and you don’t have a model of a dad who could speak his feelings.

dreamstime_xs_22933166It takes even more courage to hear what your partner says, and instead of pushing it away and labelling it as all her stuff, to own that some of it really is your stuff. Things you have maybe carried for a long while and which underlie or undermine how you behave with her.

And yet more courage is needed to be willing to grow and let go of some of the ways you have always been, and which aren’t serving you in your relationship now. Or which are keeping you back from even being in a relationship.

I have found this courage– not all the time, certainly – but enough of it to build a new relationship after a divorce, and to keep building a great relationship with my lovely partner. You can access this courage too in your life to reach out to claim a partner and inspire yourself – and most importantly inspire her.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download


Take a deep breath and relax into your body, and let your focus move to a future deeply contented state with your partner, after you’ve faced and moved through your current challenge. And make a time to open up with her, telling her that you find this difficult, but you want do battle with your fears because you love her and so want the relationship to flourish. You’ll be walking in the footsteps of Henry V.


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