Public Speaking

How many men are willing to stand up and talk frankly about relationships, in a way most women find natural? It’s something that I love to do, on any stage, sharing my passion for helping men improve their intimate relationships.

I have a track record as an engaging public speaker throughout my career. I’ve been a regular contributor on local radio and spoken at large and small gatherings about relationships from a male perspective. I’m equally comfortable being a keynote speaker, contributing to a debate, or even chairing a discussion.

The wide range of topics I can cover includes:

  • How to find a way forward when relationships appears broken
  • Can we ever change how our partner is and if so how?
  • How to check out what’s really going on in your relationship
  • Ways that male conditioning closes men down emotionally and damages their relationships
  • Early warning signs that your relationship is not working
  • How to feel good about yourself, so you can feel better with your partner
  • What skills do we need to communicate effectively from the heart
  • The truth about vulnerability and strength in a relationship
  • How to create a great relationship

I am based in the North East of England, where I’m happy to speak at any time subject to availability. I am also happy to speak to groups and companies in other part of the UK.

Contact me now if you‘d like to explore whether I may be able to provide what you’re looking for.

Men And Relationships