Coaching helps people in many areas of life, at work and on the sports field – and it can also make a massive difference at home, helping you develop your skills and understanding of personal relationships to bring you greater enjoyment of life.

I love the process of coaching, and have developed a speciality in helping men around relationships. I offer one to one coaching sessions which are confidential and enlightening and where you will find a supportive place to explore whatever challenges you face in your relationship.

Each session will focus on the issues which you bring, as well as providing you with some practical guidance around your way forward. My agenda is to support you with whatever is on your agenda, to help you move towards whatever will bring you more fulfilment in your intimate relationships.

In an initial conversation we can find out how I can best serve you.
This initial discussion lasts 30 mins and is completely free and is often in a phone call, or using Skype or a similar web package called Zoom; in some cases it can be face-to-face.

In the initial discussion we typically agree on a package of sessions – perhaps 4 – in which we can explore your situation and find ways in which you can move forward successfully. Based on what you bring, my role is to bring out or provide:

  • Insight about what is – or has been – happening
  • A clear picture of exactly what you want to change
  • Understanding of your relationship dynamics
  • Improving your relationship with yourself
  • Tools for managing your feelings to improve the relationship
  • Clarification of your options and choices
  • Support for you moving forward, towards a better relationship

I use a combination of: coaching skills to help you develop your understanding and perspective; relationship education to increase your knowledge; and training processes to develop your relationship skills.

The outcome I seek is for you to walk away with the confidence that you can improve or create a great relationship.

Contact me now if you‘d like to explore whether I may be able to provide what you’re looking for.

Men And Relationships