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When all else fails – find your inner king

Life can be tough – and family relationships aren’t always what we wish. But there’s something positive to be done even when facing an insoluble problem. Let me explain. Relationship breakdowns with close family members happen in most families at some time. I know I’ve experienced my share, with my parents and my children, not

5 Steps to Improve your Home Life

These 5 straightforward steps will make make an amazing difference to your life. They just require a courageous heart and a willingness to claim something even better for your relationship! Show her you love her in the way she likes best. Every woman (and man!) is different – for some this may be giving her

Perfect anger

Are you friends with anger? Strange question you may think – but I’ve found it’s a really important one – both in my own life and for many men I’ve worked with. The usual image of anger is something ugly – it’s behaving in a hurtful and aggressive way. It’s so shocking that it distorts

Men And Relationships