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How to create peace in your home at Christmas

5 tips to help your relationship in ‘the season of goodwill’ Do you want a truly peaceful home life as your no.1 Christmas present? With the pressure cooker of the Christmas break building, lots of us find it’s so easy to explode at something petty. This can put real pressure on your relationship. The tips

Turning emotions inside out

How are you feeling right now, and what emotions have you experienced today? If you’ve just seen the film ‘Inside Out’, as I have, you’ll have a fantastical new view of the different emotions which can drive each of us. The film has a technicolour representation of these inner emotions – a cartoon version but

Take courage

Sometimes all of us need a boost to find our courage, especially when we’re weary or withdrawn. And this applies in our relationships every much as it does in battles outside the home. In fact it can be even more of a challenge to bring courage into our personal life, when we’re hanging out in

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